Murdo lays into FOI record at NHS Tayside

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, has criticised the level of transparency at NHS Tayside following information uncovered by the Scottish Conservatives detailing their poor record in responding to FOI requests .

These figures come amid growing pressure on the Scottish Government over its record in replying to FOI requests. Earlier this month journalists wrote an open letter raising fears about the FOI performance of the Scottish Government.

NHS Tayside was late in responding to 22% of FOI requests and only offered a full response in 45% of cases. This compares unfavourably to NHS Fife who offered full disclosure in 73% of cases and NHS Forth Valley who responded late to only 12% of requests.

Murdo has called on NHS Tayside to work harder to produce information that applicants ask for in the interest of improving transparency.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“These are disappointing figures which show that NHS Tayside must improve its record in responding promptly and fully to FOI requests.

“In Mid-Scotland and Fife, Tayside is clearly performing below the levels achieved in both Fife and Forth Valley and this must be addressed.

“Freedom of Information requests are vital as they allow important information to be prised from public bodies and failure to respond fully can hamper the transparency of public bodies like NHS Tayside.

“I appreciate that health boards and local authorities are dealing with more requests than ever, but it is important that these are dealt with promptly and where more staff are needed this should be done.”

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