Mid-Scotland & Fife Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser believes that the wind farm lobby should apologise to communities in Perthshire after Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, stated on Newsnight Scotland that “there are very few, if any, wind farms on areas of national scenic importance.”

With wind farms operating or being constructed at Drumderg, Calliacher and Griffin in Perthshire, Murdo Fraser believes the comments are an insult to Perthshire.  Furthermore, the MSP believes that the SNP Government should undertake a national review of the current planning system and decision-making process for onshore wind farm developments as all three developments in Perthshire have been opposed by local communities and the local council.

Murdo Fraser said:

“It is disappointing to hear the wind farm lobby state that no or few areas of national scenic importance have been affected by wind farm developments.  Here in Perthshire, we are seeing the construction of another two massive wind farm developments near Aberfeldy, and Drumderg is already in operation.  East Perthshire and Highland Perthshire are amongst the most scenic and beautiful parts of Scotland and many visitors come to our area to see unspoiled landscape.  This is now lost due to unwanted wind farm developments.

“Wind farm companies and supporters must realise that massive wind farms are ruining our landscape with these turbines and damaging our local economy. Tourism is the largest employer in Perthshire, with many visitors coming here to see the natural beauty of the area.  I do not want to see the beauty of Highland Perthshire sacrificed with massive wind turbines staked into the landscape, which can be seen for miles across Perthshire.

“Scotland’s planning system for wind farm applications and the decision-making process is in a complete mess. It is vital that the SNP Government take action and undertake a national review of the current national planning guidance for the siting of onshore wind farms and the decision-making process for a wind farm development.

“It is completely unacceptable that developers can keep lodging speculative wind farm applications in scenic and environmentally sensitive areas.  This has led to a barrage of applications for wind farms right across the Perthshire area and it is only through local community groups that the impact that these wind farms will have on our area is being aired.”

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