Proposed Regulation of Private Car Parks

The Public Consultation on Murdo Fraser's proposed Members Bill has now closed. Thank you to all those who responded.


The planned Private Members Bill will focus on five key areas:

  • The introduction of a fully independent appeals service in Scotland

  • Capped fines

  • Clearer signage in car parks

  • Removal of misleading terms on fines

  • Keeper Liability to mirror England and Wales


Following the launch, Murdo Fraser MSP said;


“The provision of car parking is a legitimate business activity, but fleecing unsuspecting motorists for minor infringements is not part of the deal.

“My bill aims to strike a fair balance between parkers and operators. Right now the balance has been tipped too far in the direction of the industry and my proposals aim to right this ship.

“Older and vulnerable motorists are amongst those most likely to be caught out by unclear signage and misleading practices and this bill will provide everyone with an independent appeals service to mediate disputes.

“The current position surrounding the enforceability of private parking tickets in Scotland is far from clear and its time that this was changed to give parkers and providers undisputable rules to work with.”