Tay Cities Deal gets top Budget Billing

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, and Conservative Finance Spokesman Murdo Fraser, has welcomed today’s Budget and the Chancellor’s support for the Tay Cities Deal.

During his speech, Phillip Hammond, said that progress was being made on the Tay Cities deal and praised the approach of the Scottish Conservatives in progressing this agenda.

The Chancellor also announced that the Scottish Government would benefit from an extra £2 billion as a result of Barnett Formula consequentials and Murdo has called on his SNP opposite number, Derek Mackay, to cancel any plans to increase income tax.

Also included within the budget was a freeze on fuel and whisky duty, which will be welcomed by both distillers and drivers.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“The Tay Cities Deal promises to be a huge driver for economic growth in Perth and I was pleased to see it receive such top billing from the Chancellor.

“Growing the economy in the Fair City is hugely important and the Tay Cities deal is a vital part of this effort and the support of the UK Government is welcome.

“Drivers and distillers across the region will also be happy to see duty frozen on both fuel and whisky. Whisky exports are an important component of our economy and distillers across Perth and Kinross will be raising a glass to the Chancellor tonight.

“Today’s Budget demonstrated yet again the importance of the union, with an extra £2 billion for Nicola Sturgeon’s Government to spend.

“Scotland is already at a competitive tax disadvantage as a result of Derek Mackay’s decision not to match bands south of the Border, and his plans to increase this gap even further would be disastrous for our economy.

“People on modest incomes are set to be hit with higher taxes by the SNP, but following today’s £2 billion Union dividend these tax rises are unnecessary and should be ruled out”.

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