Murdo wants Holyrood Debate over plans to compromise Killiecrankie Battlefield

Local activists in Killiecrankie are gathering to fight Transport Scotland although this time it’s over the future of their historic battlefield rather than restoring King James VII & II to the throne.

The Battle of Killiecrankie was one of the major flash points in the First Jacobite Uprising in 1689, and now Scottish Government transport officials are looking to use part of the site for the new dualled road.

Published historian and Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, is opposing the plans and has lodged a motion in Parliament in the hope of securing a Holyrood debate on the widening of the A9 at Killiecrankie.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“Once again the Scottish Government have a fight on their hands in Killiecrankie, although this time it’s against activists rather than Jacobite soldiers who are seeking to preserve the site of one of Scotland’s bloodiest battles.

“The Battle of Killiecrankie is one of the most important moments in Scottish History and the site remains relatively undisturbed possessing huge archaeological potential.

“I am hopeful of securing a Holyrood debate where the Scottish Government can listen to the serious concerns over this dualling and what it means for the battlefield.

“Ultimately, the project to dual the A9 is long overdue and I have campaigned hard for a new carriageway, however, in sensitive areas the Scottish Government must be prepared to listen to local concerns and promote route options which do not have a negative impact on communities and historic sites.

“It’s vital that local people from all sides are happy with the new route and I would call on MSPs from all sides of the chamber to support my motion today.”

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