Huge overtime bills being paid in NHS Fife and Tayside

An FOI request from the Scottish Conservatives has revealed that NHS Fife and Tayside are paying just over £4 million a year in overtime payments to nurses.

NHS Tayside is Scotland’s third worst offender when it comes to overtime bills and Murdo Fraser believes that better workforce planning is required to reduce pressure on nurses.

Health boards are experiencing significant staff shortages, and nursing vacancies reached a record high last year.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“The fact that so much money is being paid in overtime payments indicates that the SNP has got its workforce strategy all wrong.

“Fortunately, we have a group of nurses who are dedicated and willing to work significant overtime in order to deliver care but it shouldn’t be this way.

“Resources are being stretched thin and I’m sure many nurses in Tayside in Fife would prefer to have additional support rather than overtime cheques.

“Nurses vacancies reached a record high last year and the Scottish Government must work harder to ensure more are trained and retained.

“Healthcare services are being stretched thin and its high time that the SNP got overtime payments under control in Tayside and Fife and gave our hardworking nurses a break.”

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