Perth and Kinross roads deteriorate massively under the SNP

Motorists in Perth and Kinross are still counting the cost of the previous SNP Council administration according to Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, after new statistics detail a significant deterioration in road surface quality during 8 years of SNP governance.

Figures from the AA have shown that the percentage of A roads in Perth & Kinross urgently requiring work increased from 36% to 40%, B roads from 35% to 40% and C roads from 33% to 38%. The figures are averaged over two, two year periods, 2009-11 and 2015-17.

In the same corresponding period the condition of roads in Fife and Dundee improved markedly.

The previous SNP administration in Perth & Kinross changed the classification of potholes, meaning that only those that were over 60mm in depth would be filled. The new Conservative-led administration reversed this policy last year.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“Local SNP politicians have some brass neck to blame the new Conservative administration for the state of our roads. Under their watch, road maintenance was neglected and potholes turned into pits.

“One of the first acts of the new Conservative-led Council group was to reduce the depth of potholes before they were eligible for repair, and Tory Councillors have made road-maintenance one of their top priorities.

“The SNP in Perth have a lot to answer for. Most residents won’t buy their blame game and will most likely be asking why roads in Fife and Dundee improved whilst theirs suffered.

“Ultimately, the state of our roads will not improve overnight but this administration has made it a priority which is a lot more than can be said of the last administration.”

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