John Duff wins Highland ward by-election

Local Conservatives have won a convincing victory in the Highland ward by-election on Perth & Kinross Council, with the election of candidate John Duff with 46% of 1st preference votes.

The by-election was called following the sad death in January of Council leader Ian Campbell, who had represented the area since 2007.

Responding to the result, new Highland ward Councillor John Duff said:

“It is a huge honour to have been elected to represent my home area on Perth & Kinross Council.

“I would like to thank all those who voted for me in the election, and all those who helped me campaign. I now pledge myself for work for all the residents of the Highland ward, whether they voted for me or not.

“I set out in the campaign how I would make myself available to constituents, and I fully intend to live up to these promises.”

Commenting on the election, Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“I am delighted to see local champion John Duff elected to represent the Highland ward.

“This was a significant victory for the Scottish Conservatives, winning 46% of the vote in the Deputy First Minister’s constituency, in an area which would have been regarded as a SNP heartland even a few short years ago.

“This is the second by-election in a row, following that in Perth City South in November, where we have seen an increase in the Conservative vote share. The tide in Perthshire has been well and truly turned towards the Conservatives and against the narrow, divisive politics of the SNP”.

Commenting on the election, Liz Smith MSP said;

“John Duff will be an outstanding councillor. He will add both experience and professional knowledge to the council group and l have no doubt that he will be a dedicated campaigner for his local community just as Ian Campbell was before him.

“John is clearly held in the highest regard amongst local people which is why he secured this result. I very much look forward to working with him.”

Councillor Murray Lyle, Leader of Perth & Kinross Council, added:

“I congratulate John Duff on his well-deserved election and look forward to working with him. He will be a worthy successor to my friend, the late Ian Campbell, in representing the Highland ward.

“This result is all the more significant as it was achieved in the context of an energetic SNP campaign locally, with a high-profile candidate backed by TV advertising.

“John’s victory is an endorsement of the positive programme of the Conservative-led administration on Perth & Kinross Council, and a resounding rejection of the negative , carping opposition of the SNP at a local level.”

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