Nearly a third of NHS Tayside operations cancelled due to capacity issues

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSPs, Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith, have raised concerns over the number of cancelled operations at embattled health board, NHS Tayside.

Last year, of the 1908 cancelled operations a huge 548 were pulled as a result of capacity problems, like staff shortages and blocked beds.

The 28.7% cancellation figure was higher than the Scottish average of 25.1% and both Murdo and Liz are calling for NHS Tayside to receive greater support.

Statistics released today revealed that cancelled operations in March hit an 11 month high.

NHS Tayside is currently going through a period of transition following the resignation of their Chairman and Chief Executive. A temporary top team are currently overseeing change at the health board.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“Problems at NHS Tayside run deeper than the current scandal over endowment funding and its high time the Scottish Government started taking some responsibility for the issues in our NHS.

“Staff are being pushed to breaking point as a result of Scottish Government cuts and ultimately cracks are beginning to show. In 2012 just 14 surgeries were cancelled as a result of ward bed shortages but now we have a huge number being called off due to capacity issues.

“According to the Scottish Government we have never had it so good thanks to their running of the NHS, but these statistics tell a different story and I would call on both the Government and the new Tayside bosses to work together to ensure that these trends are reversed.”

Commenting Liz Smith MSP said;

“The high percentage of operations being cancelled across the country as a result of staffing and bed availability issues is hugely concerning.

“NHS Tayside is just one of a number of health boards caught in the eye of this storm, but beyond every statistic is a human story and a patient let down with a late cancellation.

“For years we have been calling for proper workforce planning and the Scottish Government have clearly failed in this regard and it’s important that the new top team at NHS Tayside get a grip of this issue.”

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