Huge questions following Robison PRI A&E pledge

Questions are mounting over what services are under threat at NHS Tayside following a pledge from the Health Secretary to keep the PRI A&E department open.

At General Questions in the Scottish Parliament, Shona Robison, vowed to keep PRI’s A&E department open but stated that some services will have to evolve over time.

NHS Tayside officials have been told to make efficiency savings as a result of mounting debts with the embattled health board already £33m in the red. With the Health Secretary backing the retention of A&E services, the axe will no doubt fall elsewhere and Murdo Fraser wants to know where.

Yesterday, the Scottish Government was forced into approving a Scottish Conservative motion calling for the monthly release of financial accounts following the endowment funding scandal at NHS Tayside.

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser said:

“I welcome the Health Secretary’s announcement that A&E services at PRI are to be retained, but savings will have to be made elsewhere and the Health Secretary must be transparent about this.

“Shona Robison has effectively narrowed down the number of areas that could be cut to service debt at Tayside – we need to know where the axe will fall.

“We all know that the health board is in deep financial trouble and at some point these Brokerage loans will have to be repaid, however, this cannot be at the cost of services at PRI or wider patient care.

“According to some patients, the financial problems at Tayside are already affecting their care and the Health Secretary must be open about what the future holds for people in the region.”

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