Murdo rounds on embattled Health Secretary in Parliament debate

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, has used his closing speech in a parliament debate on health to call for Shona Robison to be held accountable for problems at embattled health board, NHS Tayside.

During his speech Murdo pointed to a litany of problems including a string of missed waiting time targets and financial difficulties as a result of brokerage loans totalling £35m.

Murdo also raised concerns over the performance of IJBs in relation to the recent closure of the Beechgrove Care home which went against cross-party consensus at Perth and Kinross Council.

The Scottish Conservative MSP also accused Shona Robison of shamefully using top NHS Tayside officials as human shields to cover-up her government’s poor handling of the health service.

Commenting Murdo Fraser said;

“Serious questions over the involvement of the health secretary in the NHS Tayside crisis remain but problems at the health board run deeper than endowment funding and a change in direction from the Scottish Government is sorely needed.

“Furthermore, the way in which top NHS Tayside officials, one of whom had only in post for 18 months, were treated by the Scottish Government was particularly shabby.

“NHS Tayside is facing a mounting bill of brokerage loans and on top of that are only meeting two from the eight key waiting time targets. It won’t take long before this starts to affect patient care.

“What we must have from the Scottish Government and their Health Minister is a dose of accountability and transparency. More than a change at the top we need a change in policy and so far the SNP look all out of ideas on how we can properly equip health boards for the challenges they face.”

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