Over a quarter of NHS Tayside patients not seen within 12-week guarantee

According to ISD statistics a significant 26.4% of all patients at NHS Tayside are not treated within the 12-week treatment time guarantee.

The 12 week treatment guarantee was introduced in the 2011 under the Patient Rights Act by Nicola Sturgeon which stipulates that no-one should wait longer than 12 weeks to receive treatment once a pathway has been agreed.

Back in 2013, the first quarter when the guarantee was in place, only 1.8% of patients were not seen within this timeframe.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“These figures from ISD Scotland are shocking and something is clearly not working at NHS Tayside.

“Not only has the number of patients who wait longer than 12 weeks increased but the number of patients being seen has actually decreased.

“Clinical staff at NHS Tayside are stretched to breaking point and the Scottish Government must do more to ensure that patients in the area are seen within their own legal timeframe.

“My office is inundated by calls and emails from members of the public who are unhappy at the length of time it takes to be treated and these figures highlight just how bad it has got.

“Ultimately, it is high time that the Health Secretary and the SNP got back to the day job and that means putting forth ideas and solutions to solve the crisis in our NHS.”

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