SNP votes against Fife investment from Heathrow expansion

The SNP has failed to back the Heathrow expansion despite the significant economic benefits it brings to Fife.

In the House of Commons last night, the SNP MPs abstained on the vote to expand Heathrow, jeopardising this significant economic boost.

The Scottish Conservatives have accused the SNP of furthering their own grievance agenda rather than standing up for jobs and investment in Scotland.

In addition to the 16,000 new jobs across Scotland, the Heathrow expansion would also create £200m of construction-related spend in Scotland during planning and construction and a £10m route development fund to help support new domestic routes.

Heathrow’s Logistics Hubs would pre-assemble components for expansion in locations across the UK, including Scotland, and then transport them into consolidated loads to the airport, spreading benefits UK wide.

Heathrow currently have a long-list of 65 potential sites for the hubs and will announce the 4 selected sites in 2019. The potential sites include Rosyth Business Park, Lochgelly and Longannet.

Scottish Conservative MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, Murdo Fraser said:

“The employment and investment that the Heathrow logistics hubs would bring to Fife is enormous.

“The SNP knows this - which is why it originally backed Heathrow's bid.

“It's also why Scottish Conservative MPs unanimously back the plans too. Yet yesterday, the SNP ripped that commitment to pieces.

“This is what Nicola Sturgeon means by 'guerrilla tactics' - incredibly, it means blocking thousands of jobs coming to Scotland.

“SNP MPs could have acted in the Scottish interest and in the interests of passengers and workers across Scotland.

“Instead, Nicola Sturgeon put her interests before the country's; It is an appalling decision.

“The SNP is only interested in furthering their own grievance agenda and scaremongering about Brexit, not jobs and income for Scots. The SNP has lost all credibility.”

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