SNP should stop spinning and start listening to patients say Murdo and Liz

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSPs, Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith, have called on John Swinney and Pete Wishart to listen to the public on PRI rather than towing the party line.

Despite widespread concern over the future of A and E services at PRI and nearly 200 people turning out at a public meeting in Auchterarder both Swinney and Wishart have labelled questions over PRI, “scaremongering”.

Three NHS consultants were in the audience at Tuesday’s public meeting and all three expressed concern over the reorganisation of surgical services contrasting the SNP’s take on what this change means.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“To hear both John Swinney and Pete Wishart dismiss valid concerns over PRI as scaremongering is staggering and shows just how out of touch they are with what’s happening on the ground in their constituencies.

“Three NHS consultants - one retired and two still active - contributed to the meeting on Tuesday night and each one of them made clear their concerns over PRI. These are people who have spent their entire careers in the NHS and their views shouldn’t be shrugged off.

“Ultimately, the whole PRI episode has shown how unwilling the SNP are to break party lines, as always, its party first people second.”

Commenting Liz Smith MSP said;

“Pete Wishart and John Swinney have been around long enough to know how valued the A and E department is to people locally, and to brush off legitimate concerns is not helpful or honest.

“I would encourage the SNP to start speaking with those on the front line rather than spinning the same old tired lines from SNP HQ.

“Change is inevitable in the health service but we are still without the answers we need on PRI and I would call on the SNP to spend more time with people on the front line rather than dictating from St Andrews House.”

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