Perth and Kinross left behind on broadband according to Audit Scotland report

A new report launched from Audit Scotland has shown that nearly a tenth of households in Perth and Kinross still cannot receive basic broadband speeds of 10 mbps, the rate required to access basic services over the internet.

The report also showed that Perth and Kinross was still in the bottom half of Scottish local authority areas when it came to average speeds, way behind Dundee which has the fastest average speeds in Scotland which are nearly double those offered in Perth and Kinross.

When analysing the Scottish Government’s pledge to deliver 100% 30mbps coverage Audit Scotland stated that it will “be difficult for the Scottish Government to deliver its ambition by the end of 2021".

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said;

“This report makes for particularly disappointing reading and the Scottish Government looks miles off delivering proper internet speeds for everyone.

“Audit Scotland have laid bare the issues of slow broadband speeds and the SNP cannot run away from the facts.

“We know that the R100 programme completion date has already been pushed back, and, with the findings of this report, I am unsure whether they can actually deliver what’s been promised.

“In the past two years, other areas with rural communities have seen huge improvements in connections but progress in Perth and Kinross has been far more modest.

“Having access to fast and reliable broadband is essential for modern-day living and it is particularly disappointing that people in Perth and Kinross are being left in the slow lane.”

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