Murdo set for sit-down talks with Health Secretary over PRI surgery plans

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, is set to meet with Jeane Freeman, the Scottish Government’s Health Secretary, to discuss concerns over the move to relocate all emergency surgery from PRI to Ninewells in Dundee, and the impact that this will have on Perth’s A & E Department.

170 local residents attended a recent public meeting on the issue hosted by Mr Fraser and fellow Conservative MSP Liz Smith, whilst more than 3,000 have signed a petition against further downgrades of PRI.

There are particular concerns about access to A & E services in a timeous manner from rural locations in the west and north of Perthshire.

As recently as last May the former health secretary, Shona Robison, made statements in parliament guaranteeing the continuation of A and E services at PRI.

Commenting ahead of the meeting Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“I look forward to Wednesday’s meeting and the opportunity to put across the concerns of patients and residents who have contacted my office since these plans were announced.

“Relocating emergency surgery to Ninewells is a significant move, but despite engagement with NHS Tayside chiefs it is still unclear exactly what the impact on the PRI A & E will be.

“This uncertainty has not been helped by contradictory statements from the Scottish Government. Back in May the former health secretary promised that A and E services at PRI was safe and made no mention of the impending surgery plans.

“Ultimately, what I want from the Health Secretary, is a commitment to understanding and acting on the legitimate concerns of patients and residents in remote parts of the region who will be impacted by these changes.

“I also hope that she can provide additional detail about the practical working of these plans and how healthcare partners, like the Ambulance service, will be affected.”

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