Perth and Kinross Council Budget set to be slashed by Scottish Government

Perth and Kinross Council is set to have its budget cut by 2.6% in real terms next year as a result of underfunding from the Scottish Government.

Despite Ministers in Edinburgh having an additional half a billion pounds to spend as a result of funding from Westminster, Councils across the country are facing up to further SNP budget cuts.

Officials at Pullar House will have to make do with a £2 million reduction which equates to a £6.2 million decrease in real terms when inflation is taken into account.

Neighbouring local authorities in Fife, Stirling and Clackmannanshire are also having to make do with less with officials in Fife having to manage a 13% reduction.

The Finance Minister also has more to spend after failing to match the higher rate tax threshold in England and Wales.

Commenting Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“This year, Nicola Sturgeon’s coffers are swilling thanks to additional funding from the UK Conservative Government, but despite this her finance secretary is choosing to hammer local government with more cuts.

“Officials across Mid-Scotland and Fife will have no choice but to cut vital services as a result of Derek Mackay’s budget.

“Cutting local government budgets is a choice that this SNP Government is making and this should not be forgotten.

“Perth and Kinross council will have to balance a real terms cut of over £6 million next year which will not be easy considering the current financial climate.”

Commenting Liz Smith MSP said:

“In cutting funding to local government the SNP Government is asking our schools and vital public services to do more with less.

“This is especially difficult to understand when you consider that their budget has increased by a significant amount this year.

“Balancing these reductions will be challenging and vital services that people across Perth and Kinross rely on will no doubt come under threat.

“A lot of waste has already been trimmed from local government and the SNP must provide answers as to where this latest cut is going to come from.”

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