Concerns over possible closure of Scone Post Office

Scottish Conservative politicians have expressed concerns upon hearing that Scone post office may close.

Rumours are circulating the village about the matter among local residents, with it being mooted that the vital service may be axed on January 29.

The Post Office has confirmed they are aware of concerns about the possible closure of Scone Post Office, but have stressed they are committed to keeping a service in the village.

There has been uncertainty surrounding the future of Scone Post Office for some time, with the branch re-opening in May last year after abruptly closing in April.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, and local Councillor Colin Stewart are both anxious to get clarification on the matter from the Post Office.

On Thursday, Mr Fraser said the possible loss of the Scone Post Office, coming on the back of villagers recently being told the Wheel Inn restaurant had closed its doors, “is not good enough.”

“There are rumours among members of the local community in Scone that the post office may be closing,” he said.

“This follows on from the recent announcement that the Wheel Inn restaurant has closed its doors. The loss of these essential village amenities is not good enough.”

He continued: “I will be pressing the Post Office in order to ascertain the full situation surrounding Scone.”

And Councillor Stewart added: “Following last year’s temporary closure of the post office in Scone, I’d hoped that matters were on a surer footing so reports of this closure will be very concerning for local residents.

“I have contacted Post Office headquarters for further information, and will press them to secure the service in the village for the long-term.”

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