Dementia patients denied crucial support

New figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives have revealed that patients diagnosed with dementia are missing out on crucial support packages.

Only 55.4% of those diagnosed with dementia in Tayside were referred for the necessary support set out by SNP government targets.

That’s despite a Scottish Government promise that ‘all those newly diagnosed with dementia should have a minimum of 12 months post-diagnostic support.’

It is estimated that in Tayside, 1,567 people were diagnosed in 2016/17 – the latest year for which figures are available – yet just 868 were referred to the scheme.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said: “The target set is that every person with dementia should receive these support packages for at least a year after being diagnosed.

“Yet despite this SNP pledge, only 55.4% are being referred by NHS Tayside.

“And of those who are, not even all of them are getting the support they need.”

And Liz Smith, Scottish Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife region, added: “Every year the number of people diagnosed with this cruel condition increases, and that should be matched by improvements in care and performance.

“The nationalists have had full responsibility for Scotland’s health service for well more than a decade now, and have to explain why performance on this front is so bad.”

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