Murdo backs Police in efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour in Perth

Scottish Conservative MSPs Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith have given their backing to police in their quest to quell a spate of recent anti-social behaviour in Perth.

The politicians, who both represent the Mid Scotland and Fife region, were reacting to an announcement made by Chief Inspector Ian Scott, area commander for Perth and Kinross, that his officers have had to deal with a series of incidents involving groups of teenagers misbehaving and drinking alcohol at the North and South Inch, at Moncreiffe Island and in the vicinity of Perth College UHI’s Crieff Road campus.

Mr Scott has stated that police will now increase patrols in these areas and has also underlined how having his officers deal with this anti-social behaviour has led to diverting resources away from other areas in the city.

He said Police Scotland will continue to monitor the areas in question and act “robustly” when required.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “We fully support the police in their bid to clampdown on this spate of anti-social behaviour. It’s not good enough hearing that groups of teenagers have been wreaking havoc across Perth at these various locations.

“In March, there was a call from some residents asking for action to be taken due to large groups of teenagers carrying out anti-social behaviour at weekends, and now police are having to deal with yet more problems.

“It is good to hear that police will be monitoring these areas and keeping an eye on the situation.”

And Liz Smith added: “It’s troubling to hear of these incidents of anti-social behaviour in Perth but reassuring to know that the police are aware of them and have plans to deal with it.

“With summer approaching, there will be instances of groups of teenagers gathering together and sometimes causing a disturbance, but Mr Scott has underlined that police won’t stand for any unruly behaviour, and we support in him and his force in their efforts.”

Last year, Mr Scott sent letters to parents of all Perth pupils in S3-S6 to say his officers had to deal with some teenagers caught misusing alcohol, involved in vandalism, violence, assaults and disorder.

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