Safety measures to be reviewed in Woodside Crossroads

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser has welcomed an announcement from the Chief Executive of Perth and Kinross Council that she has vowed to look at road safety measures in an area of East Perthshire.

This followed concerns being raised by constituents regarding several road issues in the Woodside Crossroads area of Perthshire, including fears over speeding motorists.

Karen Reid has responded to Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife

region, after the politician contacted her concerning several matters that been highlighted by

residents, including the speed of traffic on the C435 Leystone Road, near Woodside.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “I welcome the announcement that the council will be looking at

introducing various road safety measures in the Woodside Crossroads area. Many constituents have

contacted me to raise concerns about excessive speeding in this area, and had asked if Perth and

Kinross Council would consider installing traffic calming measures as a result.

“Ms Reid has said that the section of the Leystone Road, past Brunty Farm and Station Yard, will be

assessed, with vehicle speeds monitored and a reduced speed limit considered. She has also stated

that upgraded signage along the route will be reviewed.

“The council’s Chief Executive also said that vehicle speeds and travel patterns on each of the entrance

points to Woodside will be assessed. And she has indicated that additional signage, the introduction

of vehicle-activated signs and alterations to the speed limits will be considered.”

In addition, Ms Reid said there are no plans to install additional traffic calming measures at Woodside

Crossroads but added that this will be reviewed when reports for April and May from Police Scotland

are passed on to the local authority.

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