Conservatives welcome Police clampdown on speeding motorists in Blairgowrie

Scottish Conservative politicians have welcomed a police clampdown on speeding motorists after it was revealed that 34% of vehicles travelling on a Blairgowrie road broke the legal speed limit.

Murdo Fraser, MSP for the Mid Scotland and Fife region, had written to Police Scotland following a host of concerns raised by residents living in the Golf Course Road area of the town.

Inspector Emma Bowman, of Perth and Kinross Local Policing, has replied to Mr Fraser and stated that Golf Course Road has now been added as a Priority Location in terms of speeding, which means it will receive regular police enforcement activity.

This followed police officers carrying out covert speed monitoring in the road. The results showed that during the period of monitoring, 34% of all vehicles were travelling in excess of the speed limit.

This led to 30% of motorists being given a warning by officers, while 4% faced police enforcement action.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “Speeding has been an issue on Golf Course Road for some time and I am often contacted by local residents who have concerns about this.

“The written response sent to me by Inspector Bowman is very useful and it was very interesting to note that 34% of vehicles monitored by the police had been driving over the speed limit. This just emphasises the speeding problem on that road but it’s reassuring to know that the police have now classed it as a Priority Location in terms of speeding, and as a result, it will be subject to regular speed checks by officers.

“Hopefully the fact that police officers will be keeping a careful eye on the speed of motorists on Golf Course Road will deter many from breaking the speed limit.

“In her letter to me, Inspector Bowman also mentioned the possibility of looking at introducing a Community Speed Watch Scheme in the Golf Course Road area.”

And Councillor Bob Brawn, who represents the Blairgowrie and the Glens ward, added: “I’m very pleased with the police response and would like to express my thanks to them for acting on this issue.

“Speeding is a serious matter and can easily result in injury or sadly a fatality. The results of the work done by the police have shown that there is a problem on Golf Course Road, Blairgowrie.

“I hope the police will continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly with drivers who blatantly ignore the legal speed limit which is put in place to protect all road users based upon road conditions.

And local Councillor, Caroline Shiers, commented: “I welcome any efforts by the police to monitor speeds on Golf Course Road and other areas of the town. I am aware of concerns in nearby Woodlands Road too.

“The feedback from local residents regarding the vehicle activated signage has been very positive in reminding drivers of their speed as they enter areas where we have had historic problems.

“I will continue to work with the community to address issues that are highlighted and to work in partnership with the police and the community to carry out any measures required.”

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