Murdo Fraser demands answers on Highland Perthshire rail line closure

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser has called for answers from ScotRail after it put up a notice at Rannoch Rail Station stating that there will no services there for eight days but with no mention of a contingency plan.

The issue was raised by the owners of the Moor of Rannoch Restaurant and Rooms who have questioned the timing of the rail maintenance work – coming in the middle of October – and who have also said the rail closure will have a huge impact on their guests and visitors to the area.

Scott Meikle, owner of the Moor of Rannoch Restaurant and Rooms, has said many guests are already booked during the period of the ‘improvement’ work at Rannoch Rail Station, which will take place between October 5-13.

However, Mr Meikle feels most of them will be left “stranded” with the closure of the single-track rail line at Rannoch.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “I have demanded answers from ScotRail after this sign was put up at Rannoch Rail Station, stating there would be no rail service there for eight days in October and no alternative road transport during this time.

“This will have a massive impact on residents, businesses and tourists in the Highland Perthshire area.

“I fully support the owners of the Moor of Rannoch Restaurant and Rooms who have said that

communication should have been a lot better from ScotRail.

“The owners of the restaurant have said their biggest gripe with this decision is the lack of

contingency plan from ScotRail and that is a major concern.”

He continued: “This will have a huge knock-on effect with an impact on people who have been walking in the area and then arrive later in the day hoping to catch a train at Rannoch Rail Station, only to find out it is closed for eight days in October.

“I understand ScotRail have to carry out maintenance work at the rail station but surely this major decision should have been communicated in a better fashion, with some consultation with local residents and businesses?”

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