Conservative politicians welcome swift action taken by council to address congestion at busy Perth j

Scottish Conservative politicians Murdo Fraser MSP and Councillor Chris Ahern are delighted at the swift action taken by the local authority in trying to resolve traffic congestion at a busy junction in Perth.

Mr Fraser and Councillor Ahern recently met with officials from Perth and Kinross Council in a bid to address what was an ongoing problem with gridlocked traffic in and around Smeaton’s Bridge in the city.

And now the council have ensured that the yellow box junction at Bridgend has been repainted and

new signs have been put up in the area.

Concerns about the traffic situation in the area was first raised by Mr Fraser back in 2017. Then in recent correspondence received from Police Scotland, road policing officers who had looked into the problem had stressed they felt the problem was being “exacerbated” at peak times by “poor” sequencing of traffic lights on Smeaton’s Bridge/Charlotte Street along with the upstream traffic lights on Atholl Street.

Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, expressed his delight on hearing that the yellow box junction at Bridgend has been repainted and that new signs have been put up.

He said: “I am very pleased to see that swift action has been taken at the yellow box junction at

Bridgend in Perth following the meeting between the council and myself and Councillor Ahern.

“I have personal experience of just how frustrating this junction can be. Long queues of traffic can

quickly build-up back to Lochie Brae, and this is especially bad at rush-hour times.”

He continued: “Bridgend can often be an absolute bottleneck with congested traffic so any move to

try to alleviate this problem must be warmly welcomed. The Conservative-run Council must be

congratulated for taking swift action to try to address this problem by repainting the yellow box

junction at Bridgend and putting up new signs.”

And Councillor Ahern, who represents the Perth City Centre ward, added: “I hope by making the yellow box more visible and having signs up, motorists will take note of why they are there and the problems that are caused when they ignore them.

“The junction at Bridgend is a busy one at the best of times and is made worse by bad drivers. Unfortunately, motorists nowadays ignore the Highway Code and blocking yellow boxes is just one example.

“By repainting the boxes and enforcing it by putting up more signage, Perth and Kinross Council are doing what they can to highlight how to behave at the junction.”

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