Scottish Conservative politicians pleased with Audit Scotland report on Perth and Kinross Council

Scottish Conservative politicians have praised the Conservative-led administration of Perth and Kinross Council, and Council officers, following a positive report by Audit Scotland.

Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith, MSPs for the Mid Scotland and Fife region, are both pleased with the findings of the Accounts Commission report, entitled ‘Best Value Assurance Report: Perth and Kinross Council,’ and are encouraging the local authority to push on with their objectives.

The Audit Scotland report lists several positive findings, which includes commending the ‘steady improvement’ of the council since their Best Value audit in 2008. In their report, they write; ‘The council’s clear strategic objectives and effective leadership have provided the basis for improvement in many services and in outcomes for the people of Perth and Kinross.’

The report identifies the Council’s strong member and officer leadership and its robust financial planning and management arrangements. It also states that residents in Perth and Kinross are more satisfied with the council’s services that the Scottish average.

Commenting on the report, Mr Fraser said: “This is a very good report. It commends the strategic leadership of Perth and Kinross Council, and notes that there are higher than average satisfaction levels with the Council services amongst the public.

“Audit Scotland also commended the council for the potential step change presented by the ‘Perth and Kinross Offer’ – an initiative setting out how the council will improve in partnership with citizens and communities.

“The report also states that the council’s effective approach to financial planning means that it should be well placed to deal with projected budget pressures. It should also be noted that Audit Scotland said they anticipate the council will now move forward with its ambitious strategy.

And Liz Smith added: “This is a very positive report and is to be welcomed. Audit Scotland stated that it is encouraging that council staff have a favourable view of the local authority’s direction.

“In Audit Scotland’s findings, they also stressed that the council works well with partners, both within Perth and Kinross and with other neighbouring councils.”

Perth and Kinross Council leader Murray Lyle commented: “I am delighted with the outcome of this report. The key messages reflect the hard work and commitment to Best Value shown by our Council officers and by our elected members.

“There are many examples of this Council delivering services in innovative ways in order to make savings and improve outcomes for service users.”

The Accounts Commission is the public spending watchdog for local government.

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