Murdo Fraser welcomes road safety measures for Meikleour crossroads

A series of road safety measures designed to reduce incidents at an accident blackspot in Perthshire have been welcomed by Murdo Fraser MSP.

The Scottish Conservative politician, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, has received written confirmation regarding a range of measures set to take place at the Meikleour crossroads, at the intersection of the A93 with the A984.

Mr Fraser decided to write to Karen Reid, Chief Executive of Perth and Kinross Council, after several constituents contacted him to raise their concerns over road safety at the crossroads, particularly in connection with the speed of many vehicles driving in the area.

Meikleour crossroads has seen many accidents over the years including the death of a motorcyclist in 2006. In July this year, a two-vehicle collision closed the A984 at Meikelour, prompting a full emergency response.

Ms Reid’s letter to Mr Fraser underlines how paramount road safety is to the area and she outlines a series of measures which are geared to making the Meikelour crossroads safer for motorists.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “I welcome these road safety measures proposed for Meikleour crossroads.

“As Ms Reid has stated, speed enforcement remains the responsibility of Police Scotland. However,

the council has built a lay-by north of the crossroads, which will allow the deployment of a camera van operated by Safety Camera Scotland.

“This is a national partnership between Police Scotland and Transport Scotland.

“Ms Reid has also told me that all direction and warning signs along the A93, including the Meikleour Crossroads, were upgraded last year by the council as part of the A93 Route Action Plan.

“She has also pointed out that there are stop lines at both the A984 junctions with advanced junction signs, advanced direction signs and associated ‘Slow’ road markings. These signs should allow motorists to adjust their speed accordingly.”

Mr Fraser added: “The council’s chief executive has also stated that vehicle-activated signs on both

approaches to the crossroads on the A93, are scheduled for upgrade this year and anti-skid surfacing at the crossroads is also planned to take place during this present financial year.

“All these measures should help improve road safety at the Meikleour crossroads and it is good to see the council acting quickly on this serious issue.”

And Councillor Caroline Shiers also welcomed the measures.

She commented: “I have been contacted by Blairgowrie and Glens ward residents and business people who have expressed concerns about safety for road users on the A93 around the Meikleour

crossroads. Although this is not in my actual council ward it is one of the main routes to

Blairgowrie hence the local concern.

“I am pleased to hear of the actions proposed by Perth and Kinross Council. The ongoing investment in tackling long-standing road safety issues around East Perthshire is making a real difference.

“Some of these have been issues for many years and it is good to see them addressed.”

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