Murdo Fraser outlines reasons for bringing the Stone of Destiny back to Perth

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser has outlined his reasons for bringing the Stone of Destiny back to Perth.

Perth and Kinross Council’s request to house the Stone at the £23 million transformation of Perth City Hall is being looked at by the Commissioners for the Regalia and the Scottish Government has launched a consultation exercise to gauge public opinion on the matter.

If the Stone of Destiny does return to Perth, it will form the centrepiece of the new museum built at Perth City Hall and will be introduced to visitors through a short film. The film will tell the story of the Stone of Destiny from its origins to its role in kingship ceremonies and use of a symbol of nationhood and monarchy.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: "I have campaigned for the Stone of Destiny to be returned to Perthshire for some time now and previously wrote to the Commissioners for the Regalia to press for it to be housed at Perth City Hall.

“It would be a huge boost to the whole area with a massive economic spin-off and I feel it is

appropriate that it should return to Perthshire, where it was formerly used for the coronation of the Kings of Scotland at Scone.

“I warmly welcome this consultation process and would encourage residents to support the

move to bring the Stone back to Perthshire.”

Mr Fraser has submitted his comments to the consultation on the Stone of Destiny.

Residents can share their views on the Stone of Destiny by visiting

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