Murdo Fraser welcomes benefits to Scotland from UK Budget

Murdo Fraser MSP has welcomed a series of Budget announcements which he feels will boost growth and support public services in Scotland.

On Wednesday, March 11, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed hundreds of millions of pounds worth of measures to help people and businesses north of the border, including Scotland receiving an additional £640 million in Barnett Consequentials - on top of the £1.3 billion announced last year.

Among those to benefit was the whisky industry in Scotland who, as well as receiving a duty freeze, will get £10 million to invest in greener technologies.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “This is an exciting, forward-thinking Budget that will provide a £2 billion boost to Scotland, including Perth and Kinross. There is a fuel duty freeze and farmers will be exempt from paying the red diesel tax.

“The duty freeze on whisky is another bit of great news for Scotland, as is the announcement that the UK Government will provide £5 million in funding to support 5G in Scotland.

“And Perthshire companies like Highland Spring will benefit from the £1 million support for food and drink manufacturers in Scotland.”

Mr Fraser added: “The Chancellor also announced a call for action on business rates to help retail and hospitality firms, which is something I have asked for from the Scottish Government.

“In addition, Perth and Dundee are to receive an extra £6.7 million thanks to the UK Government through the third wave of the Local Full Fibre Networks Challenge Fund.

“This Budget will boost both the Scottish economy and public services, while supporting regional growth deals, our food and drink sector and our whisky industry. It is a positive Budget that should be welcomed by the people of Scotland.”

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