Scottish Conservatives feel Perthshire field sports' businesses have been abandoned during Covid

MSPs Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith are calling for more financial support to field sports’ businesses in Perthshire, who they feel have been abandoned by the Scottish Government during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Scottish Conservative politicians, who both represent the Mid Scotland and Fife region, are concerned that many Scottish field sports’ businesses have been excluded from applying for financial support during the crisis, meaning that those businesses could lose out on £10,000 worth of grants, which are deemed vital to their survival.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “Field sports are very important to Perthshire’s economy but they are being abandoned by the Scottish Government during this Covid-19 crisis.

“I am aware that some field sports’ businesses have contacted the Scottish Government about this but they have not been given a satisfactory reason as to why they are being excluded from these vital grants.”

Mr Fraser continued: “These businesses have employees and wages to pay so it is imperative that they get some form of financial help during this crisis. I will be putting pressure on the Scottish Government to explain why field sport businesses are being excluded from help - it is not good enough.”

And Liz Smith added: “I understand that the British Shooting and Conservation Association (BASC) are very concerned about this situation, and rightly so. Field sports contribute a great deal to Perthshire’s economy, so it is very unfair to penalise them in this way.

“We will be asking the Scottish Government to explain the reasons for excluding them from getting Covid-19 grants during this very difficult time.”


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