Scottish Conservative MSPs take issue with Greenest Cities survey

Scottish Conservative politicians Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith have taken issue with a controversial survey which claims that Perth is the least environmentally-friendly city in the UK.

The MSPs, who both represent the Mid Scotland and Fife region, have questioned the validity of the ‘Greenest Cities’ survey, with Mr Fraser describing its findings on Perth as “extraordinary.”

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “I find the details on Perth which are provided in this survey to be extraordinary, given all the green space in Perth close to the City Centre.

“In addition, Perth and Kinross Council have taken a lot of action on a number of ‘green’ issues, including promoting cycling and active travel. They are committed to the Dunkeld Road walking and cycling corridor in Perth, plus the council have a very good record on recycling.

“It looks like they’ve got their facts wrong in this survey.”

And Liz Smith added: “The more I look at this survey the more it becomes unfathomable. It has a link to a site called ‘Fix my streets’ - I clicked on 15 of the items listed in Perth and Kinross Council - 14 were road repairs and one was a missing street sign.

“I didn’t find any related to litter and the site doesn’t even seem to offer an option on litter.

“It seems to me that there are too many parts of the data issued in the survey which don’t add up.”

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