Murdo Fraser raises concerns for Crieff Hydro Hotels

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser has expressed his concern on the announcement that Crieff Hydro Hotels may have to shed 240 jobs due to its financial predicament caused by Covid-19.

Staff have been told they could be made redundant in August, depending on when lockdown restrictions are eased for the hospitality sector.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: "These are desperate times for Crieff Hydro Hotels and this announcement highlights the difficult position the hospitality sector is in just now.

“It must be a very worrying time for staff.

“Crieff Hydro has a large number of self-catering lodges but has been unable to take bookings for these due to self-catering businesses being lumped in phase 3 of the roadmap. This is an issue I have previously raised with the Scottish Government and will do so again – the Scottish Government needs to review this part of their lockdown plan and put self-catering businesses in phase 2 of the roadmap out of lockdown.”

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