Murdo Fraser says he will continue to press SNP Government on cap on numbers at places of worship

Murdo Fraser MSP has said he will continue to press the SNP Government on why they are limiting the number of people who are allowed to attend places of worship across the country.

The Scottish Conservative politician raised the matter at First Minister’s Questions at Parliament on July 30, when he asked Nicola Sturgeon why the number of people attending is limited to a maximum of 50, when there is no set limit on those who choose to go to a pub or a restaurant.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “Many people in Scotland’s faith communities are struggling to understand why there is an arbitrary cap of 50 on indoor church gatherings when many churches and similar buildings can accommodate much greater numbers, with social distancing.

“At the same time, there is no limit to the numbers of people who can gather in pubs, in restaurants, or cinemas, and we were told today that theatres and music clubs can re-open on September 14 – presumably with no cap on numbers. So, I asked the First Minister why those who worship are being treated differently.

“The First Minister didn’t provide a clear answer other than to say she hoped the numbers of church congregations could be increased soon. This isn’t good enough as the message being given here is that places of worship are being treated differently.

“The SNP Government is saying there is no limit to the number of people going for a pint or a meal, or a visit to the cinema, but they will put this cap of 50 on those of us who wish to go to church.”

Mr Fraser continued: “Faith is important to thousands of people, and none more so than at this present time when we still have concerns about Covid-19. I will continue to press the SNP Government on this as there has been no valid reason given as to why places of worship that can accommodate large numbers indoors can’t hold more than 50 people with social distancing

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