Murdo Fraser says he has been 'inundated' with calls from angry parents following exams fias

Murdo Fraser MSP has been inundated with calls and emails from parents who have been left angered at the Scottish exams “fiasco.”

Constituents have contacted the Scottish Conservative politician to express their concerns after it was revealed that the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) downgraded more than 120,000 grades.

Pupils received their National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exam results on August 4.

The move to allow the SQA to mark exam results was implemented following the decision to close schools and cancel Scottish exams for the first time in history.

Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, described the handling of pupils’ exams as a “fiasco” and stressed he feels the SNP Government should not have agreed to this method of marking pupils’ exams.

Commenting, he said: “I’ve been inundated with calls and emails from angry constituents who have contacted me about the exam results. A large percentage of pupils who expected good results on the basis of their prelim results had their grades downgraded with no explanation, meaning that University places are at risk.

“Many parents have told me they will appeal these grades but have been left concerned and frustrated.”

Mr Fraser continued: “To downgrade more than 120,000 exam results in this manner is nothing short of a fiasco. Surely the SNP Government would have realised that teachers were far better placed than exam board moderators to give an accurate representation of the grade the pupils deserve based on ability and merit.

“The downgrading of exam results was particularly prevalent in deprived areas of Scotland, which is shocking.

“There are now serious questions for the SNP Government to answer on why they chose such an untested system of marking during this pandemic.”

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