Murdo Fraser says Scottish public want 'scrutiny, not secrecy' ahead of Alex Salmond inquiry

Murdo Fraser MSP has said the Scottish public want "scrutiny, not more secrecy" ahead of the Alex Salmond inquiry which begins tomorrow (August 18) at Holyrood.

The long-awaited Parliamentary investigation will look into the Scottish Government's bungled handling of harassment claims against former First Minister Alex Salmond. However, there has been widespread criticism that the SNP Government have not handed over the necessary documents required for the committee hearings.

Leslie Evans, the Scottish Government’s top civil servant, will give evidence, along with Mr Salmond, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell, the SNP’s chief executive. In addition, other senior civil servants will also appear before the committee.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who will sit on the committee, said: "The Scottish public want scrutiny, not more secrecy. Nicola Sturgeon and Leslie Evans can’t pick and choose what evidence the inquiry gets to see.

"Enough has been hidden behind closed doors in SNP Government corridors, from the Alex Salmond court case failures to the vast number of bullying allegations over the weekend. The committee can't fulfil its function without full transparency."

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