Murdo Fraser says national lockdown restrictions are an 'unfair anomaly'

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser feels the current lockdown restrictions are an “unfair anomaly” and has asked the SNP Government to explain why strict guidelines are the same in Perth and Kinross as they are in Glasgow, when the latter has much higher rates of Covid infection.

The politician was reacting to figures released by Public Health Scotland, which show that Perth and Kinross had a 20.4 rate of infection over seven days per 100,000, compared with 179.6 in Glasgow City and 84.1 in North Lanarkshire.

Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, feels it is very unfair on the population of Perth and Kinross to have to suffer the same Covid-19 restrictions as the rest of Scotland when it clearly has the lowest rates of infection in the country.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “These figures quite clearly show that Perth and Kinross has the lowest number of Covid cases in Scotland, yet its residents are having to suffer the same restrictions as the rest of Scotland. It’s an unfair anomaly.

“The figures show a real difference, with Perth and Kinross having 20.4 and Glasgow City having a staggering 179.6 cases per 100,000. The SNP Government needs to explain why we are seeing the same restrictions here as in Glasgow where there are many more people with Covid there.

“They also need to answer why is all of Scotland subject to the same restrictions at the moment when we see such a huge range in the number of Covid cases?”

Mr Fraser added: “This seems very unfair on residents living in Perth and Kinross. Surely the SNP Government should review this policy and go back to imposing local lockdowns instead of sweeping measures which affect the whole country.”

The Public Health Scotland figures are for a seven-day period of local authority areas up to September 25.

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