Conservatives call for zoning part of River Tay in Perth to clampdown on anti-social jet skiers

Scottish Conservatives have called for a zoning system to be introduced in part of the River Tay in Perth in a bid to clampdown on anti-social behaviour from some jet ski users.

Councillor Chris Ahern and Murdo Fraser MSP have made the move after being contacted by irate local residents whose patience is running out due to the noise emanating from the machines and also concerns for the habitat for animals living alongside the river.

One resident is so incensed that he has lodged an online petition asking Perth and Kinross Council to consider banning jet skis from the River Tay.

Commenting, Councillor Ahern, who represents the Perth City Centre ward, said: “It’s important to emphasise that we want to ban jet ski’s in the city centre area where they cause an issue for residents as opposed to banning jet skiers. We are calling for a zoning area to be drawn up that, if passed, would move the area available to them further up the river away from the city centre and Harbour operations.

“I know the Council has said the activity is legal as the River Tay is tidal upstream to Almondmouth. The local authority is currently drawing up a Voluntary Code of Conduct but the problem with that is that it will be entirely voluntary and could well just be ignored.

“This is an issue that just won’t go away and needs to be addressed.”

And Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, added: “I have received several complaints from irate constituents about the actions of some of the jet ski users who are using part of the River Tay again beside Tay Street this summer. Some of this behaviour is anti-social and needs to be curtailed.

“That is why we are calling for a zoning system to be introduced. The majority of problems stem from jet ski users who use the River Tay basically from just under the railway bridge up to Smeaton’s Bridge, as this is right beside Perth City Centre, and any noise coming from the jet skis will impact on local residents who live in this area.

“Creating a zoning area for the jet skis would move them further up the river and away from the city centre, thus cutting down on the likes of noise disturbance, while also lessening the chance of impacting negatively on local residents’ lives.”

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