Conservatives welcome assurances on plan to improve drainage in Perth city centre

Murdo Fraser MSP and Councillor Chris Ahern have welcomed assurances from Scottish Water about their plans to invest in improving drainage capacity within Perth City.

The meeting was arranged by the two Scottish Conservative politicians after a series of concerns were raised by constituents about flooding in the city centre, including around Hay Street and Barossa Street, on Marshall Place and the South Inch, on South Street/County Place, and in North Muirton.

Scottish Water outlined recent investments they had made to improve the situation in Perth, including an upgrade to the South Inch pumping station. They are also looking at localised solutions to tackle flooding hotspots within the city centre.

In the longer term, following an integrated catchment study having been completed, the plans are being drawn up for an extensive programme of capital works to address sewage capacity issues in the city, which will help the future Perth West expansion programme and other developments. It is planned that detailed proposals will be put out to consultation this summer.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “I have had a great many concerns raised with me by Perth city centre residents, and those in North Muirton, about the impact of localised flooding. With climate change and increasingly severe weather events, we need to make sure that both residents and businesses are protected, as far as possible, from water damage.

“In that respect, I was reassured to hear about Scottish Water’s future investment plans for the city, and how they intend to address issues of drainage capacity. Clearly public involvement in this plan will be essential, and I will look forward to hearing more about the consultation events which are planned to take place later this year.”

And Councillor Ahern added: “As a Perth City Centre Councillor, it was a very useful meeting with Scottish Water. I was very interested to learn about the drainage system and the demands that is placed on it, as well as the issues that Scottish Water have in maintaining the system.

“It was useful to learn about the current investment that is being made to alleviate some of the problems especially around the South Inch, Perth. It was also useful to learn about the future investment that is planned for Perth and the immediate surrounding area.

“Some of this investment went some way to answering questions that I have had put to me over the last six months following numerous instances of flooding right across the city centre ward. We were assured that the current drainage system was able to cope with the level of waste and surface water that we get.

“We were also assured that the future investment in housing for Perth would not add to any existing issues and plans have been made for the demands these new developments will have. And Scottish Water told us that the inspection and maintenance is carried out regularly within their schedule.”

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