Murdo Fraser backs launch of new bank card for vulnerable residents

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser is encouraging elderly residents to make use of a newly launched bank card.

The politician, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, is backing the Trusted Person card, rolled out by the Bank of Scotland, as it has various beneficial advantages.

This followed Mr Fraser contacting various banks to ask what help they could provide to vulnerable residents in his constituency during the pandemic.

The Trusted Person card allows a Bank of Scotland customer to link to an account to enable a loved one or carer to either shop or go to a bank ATM on their behalf.

The card has a weekly spending limit of £100 and a weekly cash withdrawal limit of £100.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “The Trusted Person bank card is a really useful initiative that will help elderly residents who may be self-isolating or are anxious about shopping and going to use an ATM due to the pandemic.

“One of the many benefits of this scheme is that the main account holder retains full control of the bank account, can cancel the additional card at any time and can keep track of how it is being used. It means that a loved one or carer can either shop or go to an ATM on behalf of the resident.

“It will help many elderly residents who are in the position of not wanting to risk going to a bank ATM or are nervous about shopping. The card can’t be used to purchase goods online or over the phone and all transactions made using it will be shown on the customer’s account.”

Mr Fraser added: “It is a very useful, secure scheme and shows that the Bank of Scotland have been looking at ways to help elderly customers during these unprecedented times.”

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