Murdo Fraser expresses delight at benefits of Spending Review

Murdo Fraser MSP has expressed his delight at targeted support from the UK Government which will accelerate the Tay Cities Deal from 15 years to 10 and provide £150 million for the deal in the process.

The Scottish Conservative politician, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, was reacting to the Chancellors’ Spending Review 2020, and its implications for Scotland, which will see an additional £2.4 billion be provided to the country through the Barnett formula in the 2021-22 financial year, including £1.3 billion in relation to Covid-19.

In addition, the Spending Review confirmed that Scotland will benefit from £15 billion in UK-wide funding for Test and Trace; an additional £733 million to buy successful vaccines and £128 million to support vaccine research and development. And Scotland will also benefit from £3.5 billion in additional funding to help the Plan for Jobs initiative, including the £2 billion Kickstart scheme for young people.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “The news that funding from the Tay Cities Deal will be rolled out over 10 years is very welcome indeed – this followed extensive lobbying by local Scottish Conservatives.

And the Chancellor’s Spending Review also confirmed that the UK Government will provide £150 million towards the deal.

“The Tay Cities Deal will fund a number of projects including the valuable Cross Tay Link Road and also go towards research work at the James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie. The Cross Tay Link Road is vital as it will generate millions of pounds to the local economy, while also addressing concerns about air quality by diverting traffic out of Perth city centre.

“This Spending Review once again highlights the tremendous financial contribution of the UK Government towards Scotland and demonstrates the strength of the Union. The review confirms an additional £2.4 billion for the SNP Government, including £1.3 billion in relation to the pandemic.

“This money should be wisely spent by the SNP Government in order to grow the economy, improve public services and support businesses and people across the country.”

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