Murdo Fraser MSP backs Alyth publican who feels there is 'Central Belt' bias from SNP Government

Murdo Fraser MSP has backed an Alyth publican who feels there is 'Central Belt' bias from the SNP Government in terms of distributing funding due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Mid Scotland and Fife region politician agrees with Dave Barclay, who runs the Airlie Street Bar, in his assertion that there is a disparity between the financial assistance available for establishments like his and ones that have been forced to close as a direct result of Covid-19 restrictions in worse-hit areas.

Mr Barclay has stressed that he was only entitled to a hardship grant of £1,000, while pubs in the Central Belt are being offered double that.

On October 23, the Scottish Government announced extra support of up to £2,155 for businesses that can remain open but are still impacted by restrictions.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: "I am very concerned at the situation that Mr Barclay has been put in here. He is unable to trade, but the financial support available is just half what he would get if his business was in Edinburgh, Glasgow or even Stirling.

“This looks like Central Belt bias and could lead to redundancies and business closures.

“I will be raising this unfair treatment of Perthshire businesses with SNP ministers at Holyrood and pressing for a rethink.”

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