Murdo Fraser MSP brands latest Queensferry Crossing closure as a 'shambles'

Murdo Fraser MSP has branded yet another closure of the Queensferry Crossing as a “shambles” and has warned it will happen time and time again if action is not taken by the SNP Government.

The Scottish Conservative politician was reacting to the latest closure of the Crossing on January 21, again due to the danger of ice falling from bridge cables, which has resulted in total chaos for motorists forced to take a long diversion via the Kincardine Bridge.

Mr Fraser said he received phone calls on the morning of January 21 from motorists who live in Fife – who are key workers needing to get to Edinburgh - and are furious at the Queensferry Crossing having to close again.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “I’ve been contacted this morning by key workers who live in Fife. They are demanding immediate action from the SNP Government to address this continuing problem.

“I have said on several occasions that there needs to be a long-term solution to the issue with ice falling from the bridge cables, such as fitting heated wires on the bridge cables or what is known as a ‘cable collar’ system, similar to that used on the Alex Fraser Bridge at Greater Vancouver, Canada.

“The SNP Government have said they have fitted ice sensors to detect ice, but that doesn’t stop it falling on to vehicles below. And recently, they came up with a suggestion to use the Forth Road Bridge as an alternative if the Queensferry Crossing closed, but later revealed that this could only happen outwith peak times.

“Presumably this would have to be set up the night before so why didn’t this happen last night, as there was a severe weather warning given for much of Central Scotland?”

Mr Fraser continued: “Prior to the opening of the Queensferry Crossing, bridge engineers promised it would never have to close due to high winds and they were right, but it seems no thought was given to the problem of ice building up on the bridge’s cables. This has become a joke, with frustrated and angry motorists - many from Fife - now faced by lengthy diversions, when it is something that should have been looked at before it opened.

“The SNP Government need to address this serious problem immediately, and look at a long-term solution – otherwise, it will just keep happening.”

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