Murdo Fraser MSP calls on First Minister to back bill to tackle drug deaths in Fife

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser has called on the First Minister to back his party’s plans for a ‘Right to Recovery Bill’ to help tackle drug deaths in Fife, which he has described as “shocking and heartbreaking.”

The politician’s call comes after new statistics revealed that there were 722 suspected drug deaths in Scotland in the first half of this year.

If that trend continues, there will be another shameful record high of drug deaths in 2021, after 2020 saw a new record of 1,339 drug-related deaths in Scotland.

In Fife, 31 people were suspected to have died as a result of drugs in the first six months of 2021. That was a slight decrease on the equivalent months in 2020 but is still a cause for concern.

Mr Fraser says that the Scottish Conservative plans for a right to recovery to be enshrined in law would guarantee those in Fife needing access to treatment would get it.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “The number of people suspected of losing their lives to drugs in Fife is shocking and heartbreaking.

“My thoughts are with anyone who has lost a loved one as a result of drugs.

“The drug deaths crisis is a national scandal and is only continuing on an upward trajectory. It has occurred on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s watch. She took her eye off the ball and is still failing to tackle this crisis in Fife.”

Mr Fraser continued: “It is time Nicola Sturgeon backed Scottish Conservative plans for a Right to Recovery Bill. That would guarantee everyone who needs treatment in Fife would get it.

“A Right to Recovery is backed by frontline experts and organisations and should be backed urgently by the SNP-Green Government and I will continue to push them to do so.”

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