Murdo Fraser MSP calls on Scottish Government to launch media campaign on Outdoor Access Code

Murdo Fraser MSP is calling on the Scottish Government to launch a media campaign on the Outdoor Access Code in a bid to clampdown on “irresponsible” dirty camping in Highland Perthshire.

The Conservative politician is hoping that a recent local incident isn’t the start of another surge in dirty camping which saw several such incidents take place last summer across Highland Perthshire, with a trail of rubbish left in its wake.

Commenting, Mr Fraser said: “I fully back the call to ask the Scottish Government to launch a media campaign to publicise the Outdoor Access Code and try to enforce the message about taking time to think about the impact of leaving litter and human waste has on local communities in Highland Perthshire.

“I believe this has been a large part of the problem - many people who indulge in dirty camping may not realise that they are doing something wrong, and they might not understand that there is an impact from their human waste on watercourses which might be needed to serve animal troughs, or even human dwellings.

“Dirty camping is entirely separate from wild camping – dirty camping is where groups of individuals, often in large groups, camp beside the roadside, on a loch shore, or at beauty spots, and they often cut down trees, light fires, play loud music and disturb local residents, usually leaving a mess of litter, of human waste, and often even some of the camping equipment they brought with them behind.

“It is totally irresponsible and anti-social, and we definitely don’t want a repeat of last summer when we saw a raft of dirty camping take place across Highland Perthshire, so we need the Scottish Government to roll-out a media campaign to highlight what can and can’t be done in the countryside.”

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