Murdo Fraser MSP calls on SNP Ministers to review fly-tipping legislation

Murdo Fraser MSP has asked the SNP Government to look at reviewing current legislation on fly-tipping in order to increase the level of prosecution against those who dump unwanted items on land.

The Scottish Conservative politician raised the issue during a recent virtual Environment Portfolio Question session with Ben Macpherson MSP, the Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, as he feels the current laws on fly-tipping are insufficient.

Commenting, Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “At present, the powers to issue fines for those who are involved in fly-tipping fall to local authorities but in practice they are seldom used because of procedural issues, including problems in collecting evidence. I therefore asked the Environment Minister if the SNP Government will consider reviewing the legislation which empowers local authorities to act in order to try to increase the level of prosecution against what is a growing problem.

“I welcomed the answer from the Minister who said the SNP Government was open to looking at ways in which the current laws could be strengthened in order to introduce further deterrents. However, while this was a positive response, fly-tipping is such a serious issue as was shown last year with a considerable increase in incidents in Perth and Kinross and across Scotland, including domestic and commercial waste being dumped on rural land, that I will endeavour to press SNP Ministers on this.

“I feel the present legislation covering fly-tipping is insufficient and should be updated so those who carry out what is essentially a scourge on our landscape receive the correct punishment in the form of substantial fines.”

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